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Ticks: Tips To Keep The Ticks Away 05/31/18 - 4:22 am

Tick season is upon us and if you live in an area where ticks are abundant, you may want to take extra measures to keep…

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Tips For Keeping Your Pet Healthy 06/05/18 - 4:20 am

As pet owners, we all want our pets to live long and healthy lives. Owners can ensure that their pets stay healthy by implementing preventative…

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Heatstroke in Dogs: Prevention, Signs, and Treatment 07/24/18 - 4:17 am

Summer means fun camping trips, nighttime bonfires, and BBQs with friends and family. Summer also means the temperatures are rising. Avoiding extreme heat is critical…

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Compassion for Communities and their Pets 08/03/18 - 4:14 am

Animal Emergency Clinic, NE and Lakefield Veterinary Group understands the impact that community involvement can have on helping animals that enrich our lives. Our mission…

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Senior Pets: What You Need To Know 09/04/18 - 3:47 am

Thanks to advancements in veterinary care, pets are living longer and healthier lives than ever before.  Regular veterinary wellness exams for your senior cat or…

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Advice From Animal Emergency Clinic NE on How To Prepare Your Pet for the Holidays 12/13/19 - 4:40 pm

Think Twice About Table Scraps The holidays are right around the corner and while sneaking your pet table scraps or letting them clean the dishes may…

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Top Hazards That Require A Trip To The Emergency Vet 04/09/19 - 4:38 pm

As Veterinary Emergency care specialists, we see and treat pets for many different reasons – from minor sicknesses to trauma or foreign body surgeries. We’ve…

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Common Items That Are Poisonous To Pets 04/12/19 - 4:37 pm

At Animal Emergency Clinic NE, we believe that awareness is one of the keys to preventing pet emergencies. Knowing the signs of poisoning in your…

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Dog Park Safety 101 05/03/19 - 4:32 pm

One of the most enjoyable activities to share with your dog is taking a trip to the dog park.   Before heading out to your…